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Welcome to our website!

We are a soccer club catering for boys, girls & adults from Ballina/Killaoe and surrounding areas. We play in the North Tipperary Schoolchildren’s football League and Junior and Youth teams play in the North Tipperary District League. Our Main Pitch is Clarisford pitch located in Killaloe Co. Clare. We also play games on McHales pitch opposite Clarisford Pitch and Benny’s pitch in Ballina. Children also play some games on the 3G Astro pitch located beside St.Annes secondary school in Killaloe.


Our Club

Lough Derg FC was formed in 2002 with members from both the Tipperary and Clare towns and communities of Ballina and Killaloe. We provide training and developmental opportunities for all levels of players from junior infants and upwards. At LDFC, our goal is provide a place for every child – regardless of their skills and abilities. LDFC is dedicated to developing players first in character, then teamwork, skill, and ability. Winning is important and encouraged. However, character, team, and individual player development are most important. Winning is accomplished by emphasizing character, team, and individual development through coaching leadership and instruction at practice and clinics. The players of the club get the opportunity to put these concepts into play at games.

We have 20+ Teams competing in the North Tipperary leagues with over 350 players ranging from junior infants and upwards.

New players, coaches and members are welcome throughout the year so, if you’d like to see for yourself what we have to offer, please contact us

Training Schedule 2017/18


Check out the interactive map below for approx. directions to all our pitches

3G Astroturf Pitch | Clarisford | McHales | Benny’s