We are a Youth club catering for boys and girls between 12 and 18 years.
youthclubWe are open every Friday & Saturday (5pm to 9.30pm). Our Club premises is located in what is locally known as the ‘old garda station’ right next door to the Church in the centre of town.

We encourage the young people of the area to engage in a variety of activities in an environment that is friendly and fun. Sports, Arts & Crafts and Music are just some of the activities we have going on at present.
Our webpage contains information that we hope is beneficial to both current and prospective members. Please take a look around and we hope to be welcoming you in person soon!


About Castletown Youth Club

Castletown Youth Club was formed in June 2004 in response to the outcry from the young people of Castletown who felt that they had nothing constructive to do or anywhere to go to meet and interact with their friends outside of the street corners.

In November 2003, a small group of young people approached local councillor John O’Mahony with a proposal to turn the former garda station into a Youth Club. John was so impressed with their pitch that he formed a working group with volunteers from the community and they managed to secure some government funding, along with many fundraising efforts to open the Youth Club just 8 month later.

Castletown Youth Club now have an active membership of over 120 young people of all ages. We are very proud of what we have to offer the local community and encourage new members to join throughout the year.

In order to meet the needs of our young people, we need continued financial backing to improve and maintain our facilities. As we don’t receive any government funding we are reliant on the generous support of our members and local businesses to help us maintain and develop our service. To one and all we are very grateful and our Committee work hard to ensure that value for money is delivered.

New members and volunteers are welcome throughout the year so, if you’d like to see for yourself what we have to offer, drop by anytime and check us out! You’ll be made to feel very welcome and you might even get a nice cup of tea from one of our Committee members or volunteers, many of whom can be found at the Club day and night.


Club Activities

Indoor Sports – Something for Everyone!

We try to vary our indoor sports activities throughout the year but old favourites like soccer and tag rugby never seem to fall off the list of activities our members want to see coming up again and again.
The majority of these activities take place within our clubhouse but, on occasion, we will move to places like the local indoor bowling centre or local swimming pool. Currently running are Soccer, Tag Rugby, Badminton and Tennis leagues with teams and individuals alike vying for top spot in their respective disciplines. Good luck to everyone !

Musical Society

westsidestoryRehearsals are in full swing for our eagerly anticipated production of West Side Story which we will be putting on for the community of Castletown on Tuesday, February 28th in St.Michael’s National School – more details to follow as we get closer to that date.
A big thank you to Mark & Joanne Fahy who are working tirelessly with our club members to prepare for the show. Based on the rehearsals that this reporter took in, I think we might well have a few budding actors and actresses who wouldn’t look out of place in Hollywood. Keep up the good work everyone and we look forward to seeing the show in it’s entirety real soon!

Gaming Challenge

gamingA few weeks ago we kicked off a new event within the Club to address the growth of interest in Gaming by our 15-18 age group.

So, here we are now, week 3 of the Xbox and PlayStation Challenge Leagues and the excitement that it has brought is brilliant!

Thanks a million to the parents and teenagers who have stepped up to help run the leagues as Gaming is a little ‘new’ to a few of us. The league playoffs are scheduled for April so plenty of time for everyone to climb up (or fall down) your respective leagues.


Membership Information

membership Membership is open throughout the year and we look forward to welcoming new members and volunteers.

Joining Fee: €10

Weekly Dues: €3

Re-join Fee: €5


Contact Castletown Youth Club

Club Contact: Michelle O’Grady (Club Leader)

Phone Number: 088 12345678

Email: info@castletownyc.ie

Facebook: www.facebook.com

We look forward to all of your questions, comments and suggestions. We endeavour to respond as quickly as we can and pride ourselves by responding to everyone.

Many thanks, The Youth Club Leaders